How to make, email id, gmail account, Google account in phone on laptop.

You will learn how to create a unique email id through this advanced process. If you want to create an email id for a child or an email id for myself

How to make email id, gmail account in phone on laptop.


How to make email id on gmail in mobile? In today's instant era, we use internet and email id the most. Whereas to communicate with all the people or to connect with any friends, jobs, registration from. It has become very important for you to have an email address of your own. Many people like you must know about EMail ID. But but many people do not know that how to make email id in computer.

Friends, to use any website or application in the Internet, we need an email id the most. Whereas, how to make email id at gmail, let me tell you for your information. There are many types of people among you. Those who want to know some questions in google regarding how to make a google account. And everything is like this.

Like how to make a new gmail account or how to create new gmail account along with these how to make a new gmail account are more.  how to make email id without phone number?  how to make email id without phone number please?  how to make email id on gmail?  how to make email id in phone?  how to make email id in computer?  how to make email id on laptop?  how to make email id and password?  how to make email apple id?  how to get email id by phone number?  So now let me teach here that how to create an email id step by step?  and in detail.

Before that on How to create email account by phone.  Know this all about email id or email id for gmail.

What is email address before creating email id.

Email address or said Email ID This is a unique recognizer of a Google email account. It is used to refer and receive messages through the Internet by writing messages in the notepad of the email. A written mail is like a postal letter, to refer or receive a written email message, a new email address or old email address is required. So that they can easily receive and talk to the letter of the email.

Every email address consists of two parts. 

  • First part user name and second part domain name. In this, the first part of the user name comes and is followed by an @ mark, while the part after them is located in the domain name. 

Example -: Email Adress is: MomentMehra@gmail.com 

Here “MomentMehra” is the user name and [  ] Mark is the “gmail.com” domain name at the end.

What material should be there before creating a new gmail account.

Everyone like you should have those materials so that you can complete the step of how to make a new gmail account. 

  • New phone or old mobile. 

  • New laptop or old Computer. 

  • Your own phone number not telephone number. 

  • Better good speed internet data for a new google account

  • A username that you remember the most. 

  • A password which is up to eight numbers which is something like Mark556@.

All these materials are available with you.  So you can complete the process of how to make email id and password. Let us know how to create email account by phone and know the benefits of email address in phone or laptop. See also how to create folders in gmail.

What are the Benefits or advantages of email address in phone or laptop.

  1. If you have read the above paragraph what is email id. So let me now tell you about the benefits of email id in mobile and laptop also. Which is very important for you to know.

  2. Using e-mail id, you can send long story or letter of multiple pages at once to another email id. The information you send with this is created in a folder and saved with the sent timings. Which later you can edit that mail or send it to someone else.

  3. The advantage of email address is also that, you will need only a little internet connection to send email to any email address and after that you will be able to send email or letter to any address for free from your mobile or computer.

  4. Through email, you can take advantage of many business services and advertisements or email to promote your product.

  5. You can take advantage of saving a lot of money by saving paper expenses by using email in Gmail.

  6. With email, you will be able to send the article with photo to the email address of any country anytime or anywhere very fast.

How to make email id on gmail app of mobile.

To add by creating an email id in the gmail app of mobile. There are many Webmail websites on the Internet's search engine. Which provide an email address made for free. But here you will get email id step by step for free. Will teach you to create a new google account from mobile number to phone and computer. So that you can get the answer of your question (how to create an email id for business or how to make email id and password).

Here is the answer of how to make email id.

If you want to create email id for school, or your question is how to make email id for child. So I will tell you about the unique way to create a google account here. After this you will know about things like how to create a valid email address and how do I create an email address for myself and how to create a business email.

Step 1. Visit the Gmail website.

To create an email address and to create a Google account, search in google sign in google.

Step 2. Sign in - Google Accounts in mobile. 

[ accounts.google.com › servicelogin ] will have a url to the gmail website. Google account is the best website to sign up. of google,  You open that url.

Step 3. Click on [ Create Account ] to create an email id

When you open the url, you will be asked to use your Google account. But you have to click on create account under the left site.

Step 4. Create Account for myself and for my child or to manage my business. 

After clicking on Create account. If you want to create email id for myself then myself. And or if you want to create an email address for your child, then my child . Or if you want to create a Gmail ID for your business, then choose to manage my business. Here I am creating a Google account for myself, so I will choose for myself. This is how to create a business email.

Step 5. Completely fill out this form to create your Google Account

1. Your first name for your email id that all your people will know.

2. Your previous name to create your Google Account.  Which is added behind your name.  Like - Moment Mehra.  Moment is the first name and Mehra is the last name.  That's Mehra. 

3. The first part of your email id which will be the username of your email.  Here you create a username similar to your name.  For example, my name is Moment Mehra, so I created the username mehramoment.

4. 8 to 11 digit password consisting of @, $, #, with capital small and numeral.  eg- USA657@5

5. Also enter the 8 to 11 digit password that you created here.

6. After filling the form completely, select the next option given at the bottom of the right side.

Step 6. Verify phone number to create Google account

Enter your phone number or mobile number to secure your Google Account.  I am from India so I would enter +91700××××××× If you are from United States of America then enter your phone number.  To get the 6 digit OTP, click on the Next button. See also  how to create an outlook account in mobile.

Step 7. Enter the OTP to verify the phone number in the e-mail. 

Enter the 6 digit verification code sent by Google to the mobile number entered by you.  And click on Verify option.  If the message is not coming in your phone number, then click on the call option and ask Google's robot to make a call.  In the call in which you will be given a 6 digit code, enter that code in this space [Inter Verification Code] and verify it. This is how to create signature in gmail.

Step 8. Enter your date of birth to generate your email id. 

The date of birth as entered in your ID proof.  Enter that date of birth - month, day, year and gender in this state.  such as my date of birth and gender ( March, 1 , 1990, Male )

Step 9. Follow the rules made by Google. 

If you agree that you will not break the terms of the Privacy Policy made by Google.  Rather, Google's guide line rules will follow the privacy policy well.  So after reading this time-send condition, press the I-Agree.

Step 10. Your email id is ready in your mobile and laptop. 

If you were looking to create your email id in laptop and computer. And you have completed all the given step by following them thoroughly. So your email id is now ready to login to your Gmail. Read this how to make a new email on iphone.

Step 11. Open the email you created in Gmail. 

To view your email id and check your mail.  Click on the menu option on the top right side and press on the Gmail icon.  Your email id which you have created will openly appear in front of you in your mobile.  Which you use to login to YouTube.  Or you can use this email address to create a Facebook account along with adding an email id in the Gmail app of the mobile.

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